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aSCSa newsletters began formerly after the launch of the systems safety club in 2003.  For the first two years the newsletter was published annually, but since then they've been published bi-annually.  There are some very interesting and thought-provoking articles among the 25 odd newsletters listed below.  Simply click on the link(s) to download a PDF copy of the dated newsletter.  Please note that the size of most newsletters is ~0.5Mb, but one or two are ~1.2Mb.

Now Available!  Dreamworld Thunder Rapids ride; Medical Device Fault Report; MIT System Safety – STAMP Techniques; A320 Crash in Pakistan with Pandemic Causal Factors?; Assurance and CODE THAT TOOK MAN TO THE MOON; Westpac blames IT for $11 billion failure; More Strides in Engineering Competence and Regulation? ASSC2020 -> 2021.

Boeing 737MAX (again) - beyond the design faults;

Learning the Hard Way - Boeing 737 MAX;  Drone Delivery in Operation in Canberra;  AMTRAK Accident - NTSB Final Report;  Other News - Safety Regulation of New Technology;

Medical device safety;  Lion Air's deadly flight;  First certificate for safety-critical systems issued;  Regulation impact issued for automated driving;  Deliberately derailed;

ACS CP safety critical systems; Rio Tinto’s automated trains approved; Google adopts AI ethics; ‘Smart’ state supports smart vehicles; More self-driving fatalities; 'Smart' speed bumps; U.S.’s First Drone-Linked Aircraft Crash; Alert SA scrapped; SFIA Foundation – 7th revision issued.

AI & the Law; ACS Safety Cert launch; Tesla crash - *Not* the Autopilot!; Civil Law Rules on Robotics; Driverless bus - First day crash; VW Executive gets 7 years.

Silver milestone; Safety certification update; Pilotless passenger planes; Unwelcome digital disruption; Integrity.

Lifting ICT professionalism; 3 articles concerning vehicular autonomy; Mars Lander crash; Hoxie-USA train collision; Drone accidents not operator error; Launch of ACS cybersecurity guide; both UK and Australia celebrate 25 years of system safety.

ACS Certification & SFIA;  ACS & Cyber Security;  Cyber Security in Rail;  Driverless Car Exercise;  Tesla Autopilot Fatality. 

Car Hacking;  Tail-strike - QANTAS;  Factory of the Future;  iRobot Car

Spain: 0400 Crash;  German Steel Mill Meltdown; 1 8 Wheeler Autonomous License;  Amtrak train derails too fast.

Rail Accident - Spain 2013;  Drone Attack;  Record Fines for GM

Death by Software; Jury Finds Toyota's Firmware Guilty;  OFF THE RAILS; French Court - Assessor Liability;  Report IET SysSafe Conf.

Risky Business;  Computer Viruses - Medical;  Making eHealth Safe(r);  Apology for Road Chaos.

MIL-STD-882E;  Over reliance on GPS;  Wen Zhou Accident Update.

Rail Safety behind the Great Wall;  Human Traits & Safety;  Automation Addiction;  Risk Tolerability;  Wen Zhou Accident.

Air France 447: What the Black Box Tells Us;  Redundancy & System Safety: An Ongoing Debate;  Don't Forget to be Afraid, Managers Warning;  NOPSA Issues Safety Alert.

Common Sense, Common Safety;  QANTAS A380 - ATSB Report; Employers can't rely on Operator Judgement for Safety;  NAB: A Glitch in Time;  Risk & Reliability of Cloud Computing; AND MORE!!

Book Review: The Grown Ups' Book on Risks;  Aircraft Incident - Melb. March 2009;  Train Collision - Craigieburn May 2010.

LA Hospital Error leads to Radiation Overdoses;  DMO Releases New Safety Engineering Standard for Defence Systems;  Loss of NIMROD XV230 - Afghanistan 2006;  Book Review: Catalogue of Risks.

Book Reviews: Safety Management Systems in Aviation, and Whack a Mole;  Aircraft Incident - Melb. March 2009.

Tutorial Report: Evidence-based Approaches to Safety;  Talking Point: Air Safety in 2008.

GPS Mishaps;  Do We Have a Profession?;  Death by PowerPoint?

Accident: Garuda Indonesia March 2007;  Computer Crash - Space Station.

Sat. Nav. Driver's Car hit by Train;  Book Review: Human Error.

Airbus 380 Delays;  Guide to SWEBOK;  A Synthesis of Risk Matrices.

SouthWest Airlines Flight 1248 Crash;  ICT - When it Really has to Matter.

Revision of Def(Aust) 5679;  Appetite for Risk.

Bullet Train - Faulty Speed Controls;  Prius Cars Shutdown at Speed.

Sod's Law Succumbs to Murphy;  Software and the Law.

Inaugural Newsletter

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