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ASSC 2019

ASSC 2019 focussed on issues surrounding the question "How can we be Artificially Safe?"

Keynote Presentations

This year five (5) keynote speakers and one (1) invited speaker presented on subjects related to the conference theme of "How can we be Artificially Safe?"

Prof Phil Koopman (Carnegie Mellon University) - Autonomous Vehicle Safety and Perception Robustness Testing

Kelvin Ross (Chair of KJR) - Can We Trust Artificial Intelligence?

Bijan Elahi (Medtronic Technical Fellow) - Is Artificial Intelligence in healthcare doomed, or destined for greatness?

Pam Melroy (Nova Systems: Director of Space Technology and Policy ) - Acceptable Risk in Human Space Flight – An Astronaut’s Perspective


Ganesh J. Pai (NASA Research Park, SGT Inc ) - Not yet available

David Ward (Horiba-Mira) - Standards for road vehicle automation: Are we nearly there yet?

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