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ASSC Proceedings

Since 2001 (except for 2009 & 2010) the aSCSa has been publishing refereed papers on the Australian Computer Society's CRPIT (Conferences for Research and Practice in Information Technology) website. aSCSa has now published more than 100 such papers on the CRPIT website - all of which have been reviewed by at least two very experienced safety practitioners or academics.

The following list is of years of publication on CRPIT.  Up until 2013, each year is a link to a volume on the CRPIT website that contains a list of individual papers which can be downloaded in PDF.  For 2014 onwards, whilst each set of proceedings has a CRPIT volume number, they are not published on the CRPIT website - mainly because the site is undergoing some significant changes including the way in which publications will be managed.  Until the CRPIT site work is completed the proceedings for 2014 are published as a complete but unseparated set of papers. The proceedings for 2015 and 2016 currently comprise all accepted research papers, but lack any description concerning the conference itself. For the present, the aSCSa Committee apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.  

As of ASSC-2017 the committee has decided to publish all conference documentation (including reviewed papers) on this website.  Access to presentations requires a password.

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