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aSCSa Committee

All of the aSCSa Committee Members have (or have had) responsible safety-related positions in industry and/or academia.  They are all professionals and they are all dedicated to making our world safer. Any individual with a determination to become a dedicated professional in the broad world of systems (software) safety engineering are welcome to contact any member of the current committee to discuss how they might contribute positively to safety improvement.


BJ Martin, ACT


Immediate Past Chair


Clive Boughton, NSW



Luke Wildman, Qld




George Nikandros, Qld 


Non-executive Committee Members

Holger Brecht, Qld 

Edmund Kienast, Qld

Derek Reinhardt, NSW

Vamsi Madasu, Vic




Clive Boughton, NSW 


Newsletter Editor

George Nikandros, Qld